Class 9
Chapter 7 Class 9 - Diversity In Living Organisms

Nomenclature is a system for giving names to things within a particular profession or field. In Biology it is known as “Bionomial Nomenclature”.

Carolus Linnaeus was a swedish naturalist,botanist and physician.

  • He is known as “Father of Classification” .
  • He introduced the binomial system of biological nomenclature and rules for the modern classification.

Binomial Nomenclature:

  • Binomial Nomenclature was introduced by Carolus Linnaeus as a method of naming organisms in classification.
  • Every organism is given two proper names:
    • The first part is the Genus name to which an organisms belongs which is written in capital .
    • The second part is the species name to which it belongs which is not capitalised .
  • The scientific names are unique, understood and followed all over the world. They are guided by a set of rules in the International Code of Biological Nomenclature.
  • Genus and Species name of an individual are printed in italics and when it is handwritten, both the names are underlined.

For Example:    

                                Homo      sapiens  =  Homosapiens

                                (Genus)   (species)

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