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Chapter 7 Class 9 - Diversity In Living Organisms

Chapter 7 of Class 9 will teach you about the diversity in the cell structures of all the living organisms and how they are bifurcated among different categories on the basis of their cell structures. 

You will learn about all this with the help of concepts, NCERT questions and Extra Questions prepared by the experts at Teachoo.

Firstly, you will get to know that the major characteristics considered for classifying all organisms into 5 major kingdoms are -

  • Prokaryotic or Eukaryotic cells
  • Single cell or MultiCellular
  • Cells walls
  • Preparation of their own food

The 5 Kingdoms in which organisms are distributed are -

  • Monera
  • Protista
  • Fungi
  • Plantae
  • Animalia

These kingdoms are further divided into a lot of categories which you will learn about in the chapter in detail.


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