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Information Technology has evolutionized many sectors in Indian economy including Agriculture


It can do the following:

1 Prevent Food Security

IT Software tools can analyse information and predict areas of food insecurity (food shortage)

It can prevent or reduce the likelihood of emergency


2 Provide information to Farmers

With the help of internet farmers get knowledge of prices, weather, soil conditions


3 Employment Generation

IT has potential to generate employment opportunities in rural areas

Example - Opening of cyber café in villages, Agriculture startups


4 Help in Rural Development

Experiments with IT and its applications help in Rural Development

Example - Many agricuture startups are engaged in rural development

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NCERT Questions


‘Information technology plays a very significant role in achieving sustainable development and food security’ — comment.

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In the following questions, select the correct answers:

1 This is not the benefit of IT in agriculture.

A Prevent Food Security

B Provide high speed internet

C Employment Generation

D Provide information to Farmers

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How can IT Revolutionize Agriculture? Information Information Information About New Agricultural practice can reach through internet Like Youtube Videos Whatsapp etc Employment Employment Number of Computer Training Centers Cyber café provide Job and business in Rural Areas Food Security Food Security IT Tools can predict areas of food shortage like Famines and floods It Reduces likelihood of emergency Rural Development Rural Development Different Schemes launched by Govt Many Agricultural Startups linking farmers all over India

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