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What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is branch of agriculture which deals with gardening of plants

These plants may be used for :

Food (Example Fruits and Vegetables)

Comfort (Example Cotton used to make clothes)

Beauty for Decoration (Example Jute)



Difference between Horticulture and Agriculture

Horticulture Agriculture
It involves only plant cultivation It involves crop cultivation as well as animal farming
It focusses on growing plants for both food and non food uses It focusses on growing plants and crops only for human consumption
It is done on smaller enclosed plots It is done on larger scale in farms


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How has Horticlture helped Indian farmers?

Diverse Crops Provide Food and Nutrition

India has vide variety of soil and climate



Hence, a large no of crops grown like fruits, vegetable, medicinal plants, spices etc

These provide food and nutrition to farmers




Contribution to GDP

It contributes 6% of GDP

It also contributes 1/3 of Total Agricultural Output



India is largest producer of fruits like mango, banana ,cocunuts as well as spices

These are exported and India earn foreign contribution


Employment Opportunities

It has provided employment opportunities in rural areas especially for women

Many people are involved in flower harvesting, seed production, food preparation etc


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What measures need to be taken to Promote Horticulture?

Investments in Infrastructure are required like:

Cold Storage System

To Store fruits and vegetables for long time



To run various Agriculture processing Industries


Technology Improvement

Research on new technology which can increase output


Information Dissemination

Information regarding new horticuture practices needed to be informed to farmers


Market Linkages

Farmers need to be connected to Organized Markets where farmers can sell their produce

by having good transport system


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What is Golden Revolution

It is the period between 1991 and 2003

whre there was increased production of horticulture and honey in India


Green Revolution

Golden Revolution


It refers to the large increase in production of food grains due to use of HYV seeds

It refers to the period in which there was rapid growth in production of horticulture crops.


It led to increase in production of food grains

It led to increase in production of fruits, vegetables etc


It startd in 1960's

It lasted from 1991-2003


This made India self-sufficient in production of food grains.

This made India, a world leader in production of mangoes, bananas, coconut etc.


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HORTI-CULTURE Derived from HORTUS meaning Garden Derived from CULTURA meaning Cultivation What is Horticulture? It is the branch of agriculture which deals with gardening of Plants (not trees) What are these Plants used for? Food Example Vegetables used As Food Comfort Example Cotton used to make clothes Beauty/Decoration Example Roses used for decoration Difference Between Horticulture and Agriculture HORTICULTURE It is Done on small plot of land Only Plant Cultivation covered Plants used for both food and non food use (food, comfort, beauty) AGRICULTURE It is done in large fields There is Crop Cultivation + Animal Farming Crops used for only food (Wheat grown for human consumption) Horticulture In India Different Climates in India Different Soils in India Due to this Variety of Plants Grown High Demand for Indian products like Spices Exported Worldwide Benefits/Advantages Provides Direct Jobs In Horticulture especially women Supporting jobs (Supporting Jobs in Agri Industry, Transport) Increase GDP (Contributes 6% to GDP and 1/3 of Total Agriculture Output) Problems Faced in Horticulture Plants have Small Shelf life (get damaged quickly) Lack of Awareness (About how to do Agriculture) Provide Information about Different methods Lack of Organised markets (Farmers do not know how To sell their products) Develop Market where Farmer can sell their produce Lack of Agri Processing Industries (Farmers do not have knowledge And infrastructure about how to process their prodcuts Provide Electricity, Latest technology

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