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It is a plan of action for development of rural areas

These include the areas which are lagging in socio-economic development

What does Rural Develoment include?

Development of Human Resources Literacy, Education, Skill Development, Health
Land Reforms Making Cultivator Owner of land, Giving Land to landless labour
Infrastructure  Development Providing Electricity, Irrigation, Roads, Markets, Transport Facilities
Poverty Alleviation Measures Improving Agricultural Production, Providing Alternative Employment Opportunities 


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Why is Rural Development important in India?

India is an Agrarian country

2/3rd of Population depends upon agriculture and lives in Rural Areas

Hence, development of India is not possible without development of villages

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What do you mean by rural development?

Bring out the key issues in rural development.

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In the following questions, select the correct answers:

1 Which of these are the areas of rural development?

A Infrastructure development

B Development of Human resources

C Mid-day meal scheme

D Land reforms

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Farmer is forced to sale his products at low price because of:

A Ignorance about market information

B Financial problems

C Both (A) and (B)

D None of the above

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What is Rural Development? It is a plan of action for development of rural areas These are the areas which are lagging in socio-economic development Rural Development includes the following Development of Human Resources Schools Skill Development Poverty Alleviation Measures Improve Agriculture Production to increase Farmer Income Infrastructure Development Roads Godowns Developing Alternate Source of Income Handicraft Poultry Dairy Rural Development also includes Land Reforms like Making Cultivator Owner of Land During British Rule There was Zamindari System where Zamindars were Owner of Land They collected rent from cultivators and deposited to British Govt Farmer (They worked on land) Paid Rent Zamindar (They Owned land) Paid Revenue (Tax) Britishers (They collected tax) Measure Taken by Govt After Independence Land Reforms Made and Zamindari System Abolished Cultivators became owners, No tax/Rent to be paid on Agriculture Farmer They became Owner Zamindar Zamindari System Abolished Indian Govt No Tax on AgricultureRural Development Includes Land Ceiling And giving Land to Landless Labor During British Rule Large Land holding in few hands Few persons in village owned large area of land while majority were landless Example Suppose there are 6 persons in Village- A,B,C,D,E,F and G Land held by them as follows Measure Taken by Govt Land Ceiling Govt fixed maximum size of land which could be owned by an individual Land were given to landless labour Majority of Land with A, No Land with E,F and G Example Some Land taken from A and given to E,F,G Why Rural Development Important in India Villages 2/3 of Population of India lives here India is still an Agrarian Country Development of India not possible without development of villages Cities 1/3 of Population of India lives here

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