Milk Revolution increased in India 10 times

during the period 1950-51 to 2016-17

Main reason for this is Operation flood or Milk Revolution

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What is Operation Flood?

It Is World's Largest Dairy Development program which was launched in 1970

It is also called Milk Revolution

It transformed India from a milk deficient nation to one of largest producers of milk


Key Points

It is a system by which all farmers can pool their milk according to different grading

This milk is processed and marketed by cooperative societies to urban centers (towns and cities)

This system was initially started in Gujarat

Now it is followed by many states like UP, MP, AP, Punjab and Rajasthan

Due to this Operation Flood, Milk Production has increased 10 times between 1951-2016

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Question 1

In the following questions, select the correct answers:

Name the state which is held as a success story in the efficient implementation of milk cooperatives.

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Gujarat
  4. MP
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Milk Production In India At the Time of independence India was Milk Deficient Nation (More demand for Milk than Supply) Milk Production in India in 1950 17 MILLION TONNES No Organized Market for Milk Products Farmer used to Individually sell milk Between 1950 - 2016 Milk Production became 10 times from 1951-2016 Milk production in India in 2016 165.4 MILLION TONNES Milk of Different Farmers were pooled Together and Marketed together Main Reason was Operation flood launched in 1970 What was Operation Flood? What is Operation Flood It is program started by India National Dairy Development board in 1970 to make Nation vise Milk Grid When and Where Launched Launched in 1970 in Gujarat then MP, UP, Rajasthan Father of Operation Flood Dr Verghese Kurien He was the head of Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Union (Also called AMUL)What was the objective? To increase Milk Production In India To Increase Farmers Income What was the Effect? It led to Milk Revolution in India Milk Production increased 10 times India became world's largest Producer of milk How was Nation vise Milk Grid under Operation Flood? How Cooperative Society Function? Farmer 1 Farmer 2 Farmer 3 Farmer 4 Supply Goods to Cooperative Society They do Grading and processing Supply to State Cooperative Society(AMUL) They do Marketing and Advertising AMUL Sold Milk to Customer Benefit to Farmer Increased Farmers Income No Problem of Marketing Benefit to Customers Good Quality Standardized Milk Brand Name which they can trust

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