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The following are examples of evaporation in daily life:


  1. Water cycle – water evaporates from water bodies in the process of water cycle. However the water bodies dry up also in some cases due to evaporation of water and lack of rains.
    Water Cycle-Teachoo-01.png

  2. Cooking – cooking food involves addition of water which on boiling evaporates and can be seen as small droplets on the lid due to further condensation

  3. Sweating – the sweat evaporates from the surface of our body leaving our body relatively cooler during the summer months

  4. Pouring water on terrace during summer – water is poured or sprinkled on the terrace of households to cool the building during the summer months as evaporation cools the surface as the heat is used up for the process
    Pouring water on terrace during summer-Teachoo-01.png

  5. Sun Drying – sun drying, for example, of chilies is done by the process of evaporation where the water content evaporates leaving the item dehydrated  
    Drying chillies in Sun-Teachoo.png

  6. Drying clothes -  when clothes are hung on the line after washing, the water gets evaporated and the clothes are thus dried
    Drying Clothes-Teachoo-01.png

  7. Preparation of common salt – conventionally, pits are dug and sea water is left to evaporate in the pits leaving behind salt which is processed and used
    Prepration of common salt-Teachoo-01.png

  8. Floor is dry few minutes after mopping – soon after mopping the surface is wet, however it dries up in some time as the water evaporates
    Floor is dry few minutes after mopping-Teachoo-01.png

  9. Distillation – different components in a solution of liquids are boiled and evaporated followed by condensing to separate them by the process of distillation

  10. Hair dryers – hair dryers produce hot air that help with the process of evaporation of water on the hair
    Hair dryers-Teachoo-01.png

  11. Cooling of hot liquids – hot liquids cool down after a while as evaporation of the vapors leave the liquid cool as the heat is used for the process
    Cooling of hot liquids-Teachoo-01.png

  12. Acetone (in nail polish remover) when applied seems cold as it is highly volatile and evaporates leaving the surface of our hand cool.

  13. Separation of soluble solute from solvent – separation of salt from water
    Separation of soluble solute from solvent -Teachoo-01.png

  14. Process of crystallization also involves evaporating water to get pure solute 
    Process of crystallisation involves evaporation-Teachoo-01.png

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