The following are examples of sublimation:

  1. Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide. When dry ice is placed in contact with air, it gets converted into the gaseous Carbon Dioxide which appears like fog.
  2. Ice crystals inside boxes of frozen foods: Frozen foods sublime and results in formation of ice crystals inside the box or packet
  3. Ice and snow under certain conditions also show the presence of gases around the solid as the ice or snow sublimes.
  4. Iodine crystals kept in a container and heated to a temperature of around 100 degrees shows the formation of purple colour gas.
  5. Arsenic also sublimes in a similar fashion at a temperature of about 615 degrees
  6. Solid room, car or bathroom fresheners sublime when in contact with air. The odour is passed on throughout the space with the movement of air particles.
  7. Naphthalene mothballs also undergo sublimation. The process in similar to that of dry ice in nature
  8. Compounds containing Zinc also undergo sublimation at conditions of low pressure
  9. At temperatures between 25 and 50 degrees, Sulphur sublimates into gases that are toxic
  10. At the Arctic and Antarctic poles, frozen water at 0 degrees sublimes to escape into the atmosphere, this phenomenon is called Polar Evaporation.
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