What is Matter?

Anything which has mass and occupies space is called matter


  • All living things like plants, animals, human beings can be called matter because they have mass and occupy space
  • All non-living things like water, oxygen, hydrogen can also be called matter because they also have mass and occupy space


What cannot be called Matter

Abstract things like love, hatred, friendship etc cannot be called matter

This is because they do not have mass and do not occupy space


Ancient and Modern Philosophy of Matter

As per Ancient philosophy of matter

  • Matter is classified into 5 elements - Air, Earth, Fire, Sky and Water


As per Modern philosophy of Matter

  • Matter is classified on the basis of
    • Physical Properties of Matter
    • Chemical Properties of Matter

What will we study in this chapter?

In this chapter, we will study Physical Properties of Matter

In the next chapter, we will study Chemical Properties of Matter

Classification of States of matter - Teachoo.png

Matter that are Non - Living Things - Teachoo.png

Matter - Teachoo.png Matter that are  Living Things.png

Items not considered as matter.png Philosophy of Matter.png

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