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Hydroelectricity is a Non-Conventional source of energy

Earlier we used flowing water to generate electricity, but using Dams to generate electricity is a new concept. Thus, Hydroelectric Energy is a Non-Conventional Source of Energy


We generate Hydroelectric Energy using a Hydroelectric Power Plant


Hydroelectric Power Plants are used where Water is at a height


In Hydroelectric Power Plant, Potential Energy of the Water at a height is converted into Mechanical Energy by Rotating the Turbines


This Mechanical energy is further converted into Electrical Energy


To put the water at a height, we use Dams.


Dams are formed in rivers to stop their flow, and keep it at a height.


Advantages of using Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • The generation of Electricity from Hydroelectric Power Plant does not cause any pollution
  • Since water in the dams will get filled by itself due to rain, it is a renewable source of energy
  • The construction of dams help in controlling floods and providing irrigation

Disadvantages of using Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Dams can only be constructed in specific number of places, like, hilly terrains
  • Large areas of agricultural and human land is submerged under water. 
  • The vegetation which is submerged under water rots in anaerobic conditions which leads to generation of huge amounts of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas
  • There is a problem of proper displacement of people who are living in the area near the dams
  • Due to construction of dam, the fish in the area downstream of dam do not get enough nutrients and the production of fish decreases


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