Tidal Energy  comes from energy generated from the Tides in the sea.


Tides are generated due to Gravitational Pull of the moon the spinning earth.

It causes high and low tides to form.

And the difference in sea levels gives us tidal energy.


How is Tidal Energy produced?

Tidal Energy is harnessed by constructing a dam across a narrow opening to the sea.

A turbine fixed at the top of the dam converts Tidal Energy to Electricity

How is Tidal Energy produced.gif

Advantages of Tidal Energy

  • It is a renewable source of energy
  • It does not cause any pollution to the environment
  • The lifespan of tidal energy plants are long

Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

  • There are very few places where we can construct such a dam
  • The electricity generated from such a dam is not much
  • The cost of maintaining the dam is high
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