Moving Air is called wind

And energy produced from Wind i s called Wind Energy.

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Wind is caused due to unequal heating of land and water bodies by the sun.

This unequal heating generates air movement and causes winds to blow.


This kinetic energy of wind is used to generate wind energy from a Windmill



  • Windmill is just like a large fan at some height.
  • Wind causes the blades to rotate 
  • which in turn rotates the turbine of the electric generator
  • And electrical energy is produced.


The output of single windmill is small and does not produce much electricity.

Therefore, a large number of wind-mills is erected over a large area to produce electricity.

These are known as Wind Energy farms


Advantages of using Wind Energy

  • Wind Energy is a renewable source of energy
  • Wind energy does not cause any pollution
  • It can generate energy in remote areas where other forms of energy is not possible

Disadvantages of using Wind Energy

  • Wind Energy farms can only be established where wind blows for a greater part of the year
  • Wind speed required to rate the turbine should be higher than 15 km/hr
  • There should be some storage cells to take care of energy needs when there is no wind
  • Establishment of Wind Energy farms require a large area of land . To establish 1 MW generator, farm needs 2 hectares of land
  • Initial Cost of Establishment of Wind Farms is high
  • Since tower and blades are exposed to Nature, they should be highly maintained in case of rain, cyclone, extreme temperatures
  • The wind turbines kills birds 


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