We use different forms of energy in our daily life.


We use 

  • Heat Energy to cook food
  • Electrical Energy to run TV, Refrigerator
  • Mechanical Energy to Walk
  • Chemical Energy to run our Vehicles


And to get this Energy, we need a source.


  • Heat Energy to cook food comes from burning the LPG Gas in our homes.
    So, LPG is an Energy Source

  • Electrical energy to run TV comes from the Power Plant. The Power plant can be Hydroelectric (generated from water), or Thermal (generated from Coal) or Solar

  • Mechanical Energy to walk comes from our body

  • Chemical Energy to run Vehicles comes from burning Petrol


So, the Energy comes from different sources.


We can say that some sources are - Conventional, or Non-Conventional


Conventional Sources of Energy means those sources which we have been using since a long while (like burning coal, wood)

Non-Conventional Sources of Energy means those sources which are newly discovered, which we have just started using. (like Wind Energy, Sun Energy, Nuclear Energy)


Let’s learn more about Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy


There are also other Basis of Classification, like Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources


Renewable Sources of Energy

Renewable Sources of Energy are those Sources of Energy which can be renewed naturally over time. They are inexhaustible.


<img class="post-images-fullWidth" src="https://d77da31…-52b01cc….ssl.cf6.ra…c7b14c-f1ea-4a67-b573-f9a9537ef3a0/renewable-energy-sources---teachoo.jpg" alt="renewable-energy-sources---teachoo.jpg" data-mce-src="https://d77da31580fbc8944c00-52b01ccbcfe56047120eec75d9cb2cbd.ssl.cf6.rackcdn.com/33c7b14c-f1ea-4a67-b573-f9a9537ef3a0/renewable-energy-sources---teachoo.jpg">

For example

  • Solar Energy - Solar Energy comes directly from the sun and Sunlight is not exhausted anytime soon
  • Wind Energy - When we use Wind Energy, it won’t get finished on using. So, Wind energy is Renewable
  • Hydro Energy - We use water stored in the dams to generate electricity. Since water is renewed by nature via water cycle, Hydro Energy is Renewable


Since Renewable Energy sources will never get exhausted, they are called inexhaustible sources of energy 



Non-Renewable Sources of Energy

Non-Renewable Sources of Energy are those sources which are available in limited quantity. They cannot be renewed  in a short duration.



  • Fossil Fuels like Coal, Petroleum, Petroleum Gas will get exhausted very soon and it will 
  • Nuclear Energy - Nuclear energy is formed from Uranium which is limited in supply, so it is a Non-Renewable Source of Energy


Since Non-renewable sources of energy will get exhausted some day, they are called exhaustible sources of energy

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