Conventional Sources of Energy are those Sources of Energy which we have been using for a long time.

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  • Fossil Fuels like Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas - We burn them to produce heat
  • Wood - We used to burn wood to produce heat


Let’s discuss them one by one


Fossil Fuels

We burn Fossil Fuels like Coal and Petroleum to generate Heat and Electricity


Let’s look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Fossil Fuels


Advantages of using Fossil Fuels

  • Since we have been using Fossil Fuels for our Energy requirements, our technologies (like car, train) have been made by using Fossil Fuels as a fuel


Disadvantages of using Fossil Fuels

  • Fossil Fuels were formed millions of years ago, and there are only limited reserves left.
    If we keep using fossil fuels at this rapid rate, it will run out.
  • Burning of Fossil fuels causes harm to environment and leads to phenomenons like Acid Rain, Global Warming


In addition to using fossil fuels to run our Cars and Bikes, we also use it to generate electricity.


Electricity generated by Fossil Fuels is generated in a Thermal Power Plant


Thermal Power Plant

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In a Thermal Power Plant, 

  • We burn Coal or Petroleum to Produce Heat.
  • This Heat is used to convert water into Steam
  • The Steam rotates the Turbines 
  • Which converts Mechanical Energy into Electric Energy


Hence, the conversion in Thermal Power Plant happens like



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