Ex 5.2, 8 - Differentiate cos (root x) with respect to x - Finding derivative of a function by chain rule

  1. Chapter 5 Class 12 Continuity and Differentiability
  2. Serial order wise
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Ex 5.2, 8 Differentiate the functions with respect to 𝑥 cos ﷮𝑥﷯﷯ Let 𝑦 = cos ﷮𝑥﷯﷯ We need to find derivative of 𝑦 𝑤.𝑟.𝑡.𝑥 i.e. 𝑦﷮′﷯ = cos ﷮𝑥﷯﷯﷮′﷯ 𝑑𝑦﷮𝑑𝑥﷯ = 𝑑 cos﷮ ﷮𝑥﷯﷯﷯﷮𝑑𝑥﷯ = −sin ﷮𝑥﷯ . 𝑑 ﷮𝑥﷯﷮𝑑𝑥﷯ = −sin ﷮𝑥﷯ . 1﷮2 ﷮𝑥﷯﷯ = − 𝐬𝐢𝐧﷮ ﷮𝒙﷯﷯﷮𝟐 ﷮𝒙﷯﷯

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