Example 2 Find the area enclosed by the ellipse π‘₯^2/π‘Ž^2 +𝑦^2/𝑏^2 =1 We have to find Area Enclosed by ellipse Since Ellipse is symmetrical about both x-axis and y-axis ∴ Area of ellipse = 4 Γ— Area of OAB = 4 Γ— ∫_𝟎^π’‚β–’γ€–π’š 𝒅𝒙〗 We know that , π‘₯^2/π‘Ž^2 +𝑦^2/𝑏^2 =1 𝑦^2/𝑏^2 =1βˆ’π‘₯^2/π‘Ž^2 𝑦^2/𝑏^2 =(π‘Ž^2βˆ’γ€– π‘₯γ€—^2)/π‘Ž^2 𝑦^2=𝑏^2/π‘Ž^2 (π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘₯^2 ) 𝑦=±√(𝑏^2/π‘Ž^2 (π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘₯^2 ) ) π’š=±𝒃/𝒂 √((𝒂^πŸβˆ’π’™^𝟐 ) ) Since OAB is in 1st quadrant, value of y is positive ∴ π’š=𝒃/𝒂 √(𝒂^πŸβˆ’π’™^𝟐 ) Area of ellipse = 4 Γ— ∫_0^π‘Žβ–’γ€–π‘¦.𝑑π‘₯γ€— = 4∫_𝟎^𝒂▒𝒃/𝒂 √(𝒂^πŸβˆ’π’™^𝟐 ) 𝒅𝒙 = 4𝑏/π‘Ž ∫_0^π‘Žβ–’γ€–βˆš(π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘₯^2 ) 𝑑π‘₯" " γ€— = πŸ’π’ƒ/𝒂 [𝒙/𝟐 √(𝒂^πŸβˆ’π’™^𝟐 )+𝒂^𝟐/𝟐 γ€–π’”π’Šπ’γ€—^(βˆ’πŸ)⁑〖𝒙/𝒂〗 ]_𝟎^𝒂 = 4𝑏/π‘Ž [(π‘Ž/2 √(π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘Ž^2 )+π‘Ž^2/2 sin^(βˆ’1)β‘γ€–π‘Ž/π‘Žγ€— )βˆ’(0/2 √(π‘Ž^2βˆ’0)βˆ’π‘Ž^2/2 sin^(βˆ’1)⁑(0) )] = 4𝑏/π‘Ž [0+π‘Ž^2/2 sin^(βˆ’1)⁑〖(1)γ€—βˆ’0βˆ’0] It is of form √(π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘₯^2 ) 𝑑π‘₯=1/2 π‘₯√(π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘₯^2 )+π‘Ž^2/2 〖𝑠𝑖𝑛〗^(βˆ’1)⁑〖 π‘₯/π‘Ž+𝑐〗 = πŸ’π’ƒ/𝒂 Γ— 𝒂^𝟐/𝟐 〖𝐬𝐒𝐧〗^(βˆ’πŸ)⁑(𝟏) = 2π‘Žπ‘ Γ—sin^(βˆ’1)⁑(1) = 2π‘Žπ‘ Γ— πœ‹/2 = 𝝅𝒂𝒃 ∴ Required Area = 𝝅𝒂𝒃 square units

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