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(ii) Display the structure of the table PRODUCT.


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  • The question asks us to display the structure of the table PRODUCT. The structure of a table refers to the columns, data types, constraints and other properties of the table.
  • To display the structure of a table in SQL, we can use the DESCRIBE statement. The DESCRIBE statement is used to show the information about a table or a column in a database.
  • The syntax of the DESCRIBE statement is:

DESCRIBE table_name;

  • The table_name parameter specifies the name of the table whose structure we want to display.
  • In this case, we want to display the structure of the table PRODUCT. The SQL query for this question is:


  • This query will display the structure of the table PRODUCT in a tabular format. The output will show the following information for each column in the table:
    • Field: The name of the column
    • Type: The data type of the column
    • Null: Whether the column can have null values or not
    • Key: Whether the column is part of a primary key, foreign key or index
    • Default: The default value for the column if not specified
    • Extra: Any extra information about the column such as auto-increment, etc.
  • For example, one of the rows in the output will be:














This means that PCode is a column with VARCHAR(10) data type, which cannot have null values, and is part of the primary key of the table.

So, this is how we can write an SQL query to display the structure of the table PRODUCT.

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