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Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

What will be the output of the following statement:


a. 244

b. 244.0

c. -244.0

d. Error


Answer by student

c. -244.0

Detailed answer by teachoo

To find the output of the statement, we need to follow the order of operations in Python. The order of operations is:

  • Parentheses ()
  • Exponents **
  • Multiplication and Division *, /
  • Addition and Subtraction +, -

We can use the acronym PEMDAS to remember the order.

Let’s analyze each of the options and see why they are correct or incorrect.

  • Option a: 244. This is incorrect because it does not follow the order of operations in Python. It seems to ignore the exponents and the division, and just subtract 2 from 3 and add 99.
  • Option b: 244.0. This is also incorrect for the same reason as option a. The only difference is that it has a decimal point, which does not affect the result.
  • Option c: -244.0. This is correct because it follows the order of operations in Python. It evaluates the exponents first, then the division, and then the subtraction and addition. It also has a decimal point because the division operator / returns a floating-point number in Python.
  • Option d: Error. This is incorrect because there is no syntax error or runtime error in the statement. The statement is valid and can be executed without any problem.

Evaluating the statement step by step:

  • print(3-2**2**3+99/11)
  • First, we need to solve the exponents. The exponentiation operator ** is right-associative, which means it is evaluated from right to left. 

So, 2**3 is 8, and then 2**8 is 256.

  • print(3-256+99/11)
  • Next, we need to solve the multiplication and division. The multiplication and division operators *, / are left-associative, which means they are evaluated from left to right. 

So, 99/11 is 9.0.

  • print(3-256+9.0)
  • Finally, we need to solve the addition and subtraction. The addition and subtraction operators +, - are also left-associative, which means they are evaluated from left to right. 

So, 3-256 is -253, and then -253+9.0 is -244.0.

  • print(-244.0)

So, the output of the statement is -244.0.

So, the correct answer is c. -244.0.

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