Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

e) Suggest a device/software to be installed in the CHENNAI Campus to take care of data security.


Answer by student

A device/software that would provide data security for the entire network of the school is a firewall

Detailed answer by teachoo

Data security is the protection of data from unauthorized access, use, modification, or destruction. Data security is important for any network, especially for an educational organization that handles sensitive information, such as student records, academic results, financial transactions, etc.

A device/software that can provide data security for a network is a firewall , which is a system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined rules. A firewall can prevent unauthorized access, block malicious attacks, filter unwanted content, and enforce network policies.

A firewall can be implemented as a hardware device, a software program, or a combination of both. A hardware firewall is a physical device that connects to the network and acts as a gateway between the internal and external networks. A software firewall is a program that runs on a computer or a server and controls the network traffic on that device.

So, the correct answer is firewall .

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