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Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

Fill in the blank:

In case of _____________ switching, before a communication starts, a dedicated path is identified between the sender and the receiver.


Answer by student:

Circuit switching

Detailed answer by teachoo:

Switching is a technique that allows different devices to communicate with each other in a network. Switching can be done in different ways, depending on how the data is transmitted and routed.

There are three main types of switching techniques: circuit switching , packet switching , and message switching .

  • Circuit switching is a switching technique that establishes a dedicated path between the sender and the receiver before a communication starts. The path remains reserved for the duration of the communication and no other data can use it. Circuit switching is used for voice and video calls, where a continuous and reliable connection is required.
  • Packet switching is a switching technique that divides the data into small units called packets, which are transmitted independently over the network. Each packet has a header that contains the source and destination addresses, as well as other information. The packets can take different routes to reach the destination, where they are reassembled in the original order. Packet switching is used for data transmission over the internet, where efficiency and flexibility are more important than reliability.
  • Message switching is a switching technique that stores the entire message in a switch before forwarding it to the next switch or the destination. The message is stored until a suitable route is available. Message switching is used for email and text messages, where delay tolerance and low cost are more important than speed.

Based on these definitions, we can fill in the blank in the given statement. The statement describes circuit switching, which is the only switching technique that requires a dedicated path between the sender and the receiver before a communication starts.

So, the correct answer is circuit switching.

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