Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

Fill in the blank:

The modem at the sender’s computer end acts as a ____________.

a. Model

b. Modulator

c. Demodulator

d. Convertor


Answer by student:

b. Modulator

Detailed answer by teachoo:

Let’s go through each of the options and see why they are correct or incorrect:

  • a. Model: This is incorrect because a model is not related to a modem or its function. A model is a representation or imitation of something, such as a physical object, a system, or a process.
  • b. Modulator: This is correct because a modulator is one of the functions of a modem. A modem acts as a modulator when it converts the digital signal from the sender’s computer into an analog signal that can be transmitted over the internet.
  • c. Demodulator: This is incorrect because a demodulator is not the function of a modem at the sender’s computer end. A modem acts as a demodulator when it converts the analog signal from the internet into a digital signal that can be received by the receiver’s computer.
  • d. Convertor: This is incorrect because a convertor is too vague and general to describe the function of a modem. A convertor is any device that changes one form of energy or data into another. A modem is a specific type of convertor that modulates and demodulates signals between digital and analog forms.

So, the correct answer is b. Modulator.

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