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Predict the output of the following code:

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Answer by student

The output of the code is:



Detailed answer by teachoo

  • The code defines a function named Changer that takes two parameters P and Q , where Q has a default value of 10 . The function performs the following operations:
    • It divides P by Q and assigns the result to P .
    • It returns the remainder of P divided by Q and assigns it to Q .
    • It returns P from the function.
  • The code assigns 200 to A and 20 to B , and then calls the Changer function with A and B as arguments. The function returns 10.0 and assigns it to A. Then it prints A and B separated by a dollar sign ($), which is 10.0$20.
  • The code calls the Changer function with B as the only argument. The function takes 10 as the default value for Q, and returns 10.0 and assigns it to B. Then it prints A and B separated by a dollar sign ($) followed by three hashes (###), which is 10.0$2.0###.

The reason why the output has decimal values is because of the type conversion that happens when dividing two integers in Python. In Python 3, the division operator (/) always returns a float value, even if the operands are integers. For example, 200/20 returns 10.0, not 10. A float value is a decimal number that can have fractional parts, such as 10.0, 0.5, 3.14, etc.

So, the correct answer is:



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