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Q: Study the map thoroughly and mention the languages that are dominantly spoken in Belgium.
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The languages that are dominantly spoken in Belgium are Dutch and French

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Let’s learn more about the languages and regions of Belgium

  • Belgium is a small country in Europe with a population of about one crore people. It has a complex ethnic composition with different linguistic groups.
  • Of the country’s total population, 59 percent live in the Flemish region and speak the Dutch language . Another 40 percent of people live in the Wallonia region and speak French. The remaining one percent of the Belgians speak German.
  • In the capital city Brussels , 80 percent of people speak French while 20 percent are Dutch-speaking

Thus, we can see that Belgium has three languages: Dutch, French, and German, spoken by different regions and communities but the dominant language in the country is French and Dutch . These languages reflect the ethnic diversity and cultural identity of the people of Belgium.


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