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When many countries of Europe came together to form the European Union, ______ was chosen as its headquarters.

a. Brussels

b. Paris

c. London

d. Zurich


Answer by Student

The correct option is (a) Brussels.



Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

Let’s check all the options and see why they are correct or incorrect:

  • Option (a) Brussels - Brussels is considered the headquarter of the European Union. It hosts several seats of the EU institutions such as the European Commission, the European Council, and the Council of the European Union. Brussels was chosen as a compromise location among the member states and because of its central position in Europe. This is correct ✅.

  • Option (b) Paris - Paris is not the headquarters of the European Union. Paris is the capital of France, one of the founding members of the EU, and hosts some EU agencies such as the European Securities and Markets Authority. However, it does not host any of the main EU institutions. This is incorrect :❌

  • Option (c) London - London is not the headquarters of the European Union. London is the capital of the United Kingdom, which left the EU on 31 January 2020 after a referendum in 2016. London used to host some EU agencies such as the European Medicines Agency, but they have relocated to other EU cities after Brexit. This is incorrect:

  • Option (d) Zurich - Zurich is not the headquarters of the European Union. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU but has close ties with it through bilateral agreements. Zurich does not host any EU institutions or agencies. This is incorrect :❌

Thus, option (a) is correct

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