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In evolutionary terms, can we say which among bacteria, spiders, fish and chimpanzees have a ‘better’ body design? Why or why not?



  • Bacteria is a primitive organism and has evolved over the years to survive in various extreme conditions.
  • Fish, Spider, Chimpanzee etc. appeared on Earth much later, but they have also evolved to adapt to the environment better.
  • But, it is not necessary that the new form of the organism is better adapted than the old form; the new organism may be a result of genetic drift (accident) or natural selection.
  • On one hand, ‘progress’ can be seen in the complexity of these organisms .
  • We can also see how less complex organisms like bacteria are present in all kinds of environments but not complex organisms like humans.
  • Thus it is not possible to measure ‘progress’ or judge a ‘better body design’ on the basis of genetic complexity or evolution .

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