How do Mendel’s experiments show that traits are inherited independently?



Mendel considered 2 different characteristics of pea plants and analysed the offspring produced.

This is known as a dihybrid cross- the cross of F 1 generation offspring which have forms of two different traits.

Let us consider Seed Shape and Seed Colour .

  • Here - Round and Yellow are dominant traits.

            Wrinkled and Green are recessive traits.

  • As observed in the previous example, the F 1 generation shows dominant traits only - Yellow and Round.
  • But the F 2 generation shows different traits :
    • Yellow and Round seeds 
    • Green and Round seeds
    • Yellow and Wrinkled seeds
    • Green and Wrinkled seeds
  •  We notice combinations in offspring that were not seen in the parents .
  • Hence, in the case of Dihybrid cross, the traits are inherited independently .
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