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Chapter 9 Class 10 - Heredity and Evolution

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Chapter 9 of Class 10, Heredity and Evolution, you are going to learn about how heredity and evolution works for humans.

You will start by learning about the reasons or causes behind the variations in human beings. Basically, why all humans possess traits that are different from each other.

Then you will understand the concept of heredity and how different traits are transferred from the parents to their offsprings. In this section, you will also learn about the contributions of the scientist Gregor Johann Mendel in the study of traits and heredity.

You will also learn about how the gender of a human offspring can be identified.

After that you will learn about how evolution works. In this section you are going to learn about Darwin's Theory given by the scientist Charles Robert Darwin.

You will also learn about the changes that have taken place in the bodies of humans as species from historical times.