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What are fossils? What do they tell us about the process of evolution?



Fossils are preserved remains of organisms that existed on Earth at some point in the past. 

  • When an organism dies, most of it decomposes and gets broken down into simpler forms.
  • But some parts do not decompose quickly, traces of such parts (fossils) help us to find evolutionary relations .


  • Examination of each layer of the Earth for fossils gives us information about the changes in the Earth’s surface over the years. 
  • We also get information about the organisms that belonged to that region.
  • Fossil records have been used to study the evolutionary relationship between birds and reptiles .
  • It also shows how mammals evolved over time .
  • Fossil remains show that pteridophytes and gymnosperms are ancestors of angiosperms .
  • Stages of Human evolution could also be traced using fossil remains.

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