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Describe the two types of fertilization seen in organisms



  • When the haploid male gamete fuses with the haploid female gamete to form diploid zygote , it is known as fertilization. 
  • Depending upon the type of place of fusion , fertilization is of two types– Internal fertilization and External fertilization .


External fertilization

Internal fertilization  

1. Fertilization occurs outside the body of a female organism.


1. Fertilization occurs inside the body of a female organism.

2. Both sexes discharge their gametes outside their body.

2. Male releases the gametes  into the female reproductive tract and the female retains its egg.

3. Large numbe r of gametes are produced.


3. Less number of gametes are produced.

4. Shows high survival rate of embryo .


4. Shows low survival rate of embryo and egg.

5. Embryo develops unprotected, outside the mothers body

5. Embryo is well protected , but  may develop outside or inside the mothers body

6. For example,  Fish,  Amphibians.

6. For example  Reptiles, Mammals, etc



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TYPES OF FERTILIZATION EXTERNAL FERTILIZATION VS INTERNAL FERTILIZATION External Fertilization Internal Fertilization Male Fish spreads over eggs Ovum Sperms Female Fish Lays Eggs

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