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Describe all the methods of vegetative propagation.



Layering method of vegetative propagation-

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( Layering method of vegetative propagation)

  • It is asexual method of reproduction in which any branch part of plant is pegged down and coveted with moist soil.
  • After some time, new roots will grow to that part of the branch.
  • This branch will be separated from the parent plant and planted separately.
  • This method is used for the propagation of lemon, guava, strawberry, jasmine etc.


Cutting methods of vegetative propagation

  • The small pieces of parts of plants like stem , leaves and roots are cut off and then placed in moist soil for propagation.
  • The new plant formed from cutting is exactly similar to parent plant.
  • This method is used for the propagation of sugarcane(stem), raspberry (root) Bougainvillea(stems) etc.

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  • It is a method in which stems are cut off of different plants (one with roots and other without roots) are joined together by rubber band or tape in such a way that   form a continuous vascular bundle and grow as a single plant.
  • The cut stem of a plant having roots is called stock(lower part of plant) and the stem of another plant without roots is called scion(upper part of plant).
  • This method is used for the propagation of apple, peach, mango, pear etc.

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CUTTING METHOD OF VEGETATIVE PROPAGATION Parent Plant Cut at slant Cutting Rooting Hormone GRAFTING Scion Stock Graft union Wrapped & Waxed LAYERING Parental Plant New Plant Roots

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