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Growth of Employment and GDP

What are 2 Main Development Indicators of Economy?

  1. GDP
  2. Growth of Employment

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Has Growth of Employment consistent with GDP in India?


During Period 1950-2010, Growth in GDP was higher than Employment growth

It means that though economy was growing, it was not generating sufficent jobs for the population

From 1990

Employment Growth Started Declining

It means that reform measures taken in 1990 boosted the economy but failed to generate jobs for workforce


Note :-

Gap between GDP & growth of Employment is increasing

It means that though we are able to produce more goods and service without generating empoyement

This is called jobless growth

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Reason for Jobless Growth in India

  1. India is an Agrarian country
    Majority of people are still dependent upon agriculture
    However, majority of reforms which were undertaken are in industrial and service sector
    Hence,it has not benefitted those people who were working in agriculture in villages

  2. Use of Modern Technology
    New technology have been introduced in manufacturing and service sector
    Modern machines require less manual work and less use of labor
    Example - Computers work faster and can do work of many humans
    This has led to growth of economy but very less job being produced

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