What are Different Industrial Divisions?


What is Distribution of Workers by Industry?


All economic activities can be categorized into 8 industrial divisions:

1 Agriculture

2 Mining and Quarrying

3 Manufacturing

4 Electricity, Gas and Water Supply

5 Construction

6 Trade

7 Transport and Storage

8 Services

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What are 3 Major Sectors of Workforce?

Primary Sector, Secondary Sector and Tertiary Sector


1 Primary Sector

This sector Produces Raw Materials for Other Sector

Example - Agriculture Sector (A farmer grows cotton which is a Raw Material for Making Cloth)


2 Secondary Sector

It refers to that Sector which uses Raw Material Produced to Make Finished Produces

Example - Manufacturing (A factory uses Cotton as Raw Material to Produce Cloth)


3 Tertiary Sector

This Sector Provides useful services to other Sectors

Example- Banking Service

(A bank provides service to both Primary as well as Secondary sector)

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Which Industrial Division fall in which Sector?

Agriculture Primary Sector, Mining and Quarrying  - Primary Sector


Manufacturing Electricity, Gas and Water Supply, Construction - Secondary Sector


Trade, Transport and Storage, Services - Teritary Sector



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Which Sector is Main Source of Employment ?

In Rural Areas

Primary Sector is Main Source of Employment

It is because majority of people do agriculture in villages

Around 64% of people are dependent upon Primary Sector (agriculture)


In Urban Areas

Argiculture is not main source of employment as there are very little farms in urban areas

Tertiary Sector is Main Source of Employment

Around 58% of people work in Teritary Sector

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In Primary Sector, is concentration of Women high or Men?

Concentration of Women is High as compared to men

(62.8 % for women compared to 43.6 % for men)

It is because in Rural Areas, Men are allowed to go out and work in different sectors

while women stay at home and work in farms


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NCERT Questions


The newly emerging jobs are found mostly in the ______ sector (service/manufacturing).

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The following table shows distribution of workforce in India for the year 1972-73.

Analyse it and give reasons for the nature of workforce distribution.

You will notice that the data is pertaining to the situation in India about 50 years ago!

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Analyse the recent trends in sectoral distribution of workforce in India.

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Compared to the 1970s, there has hardly been any change in the distribution of workforce across various industries.


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