There are 3 types of employment:

  1. Self Employed
  2. Casual wage Labourers
  3. Regular Salaried Employees

Self Employed

Person who own and operate an enterprise (business) and earn profit are called Self Employed


All businessman and Professionals are Self Employed


Casual Wage Labourers

Those workers who are employed for a small period of time in farms/ construction work are called Casual Labourers


Person who work at construction sites are called Casual Wage labourers

It is because their nature of work is temporary (will last only till building is constructed)


Regular Salaried Employees

Those person who are working on a regular basis in some enterprise and earning salary


A Bank Employee, An accountant in a factory etc

Different Types of Employment -Self Employed Casual Wage Labourer,Regualr Salried Empoyee.JPG

Difference between Different Employment Types Self Employed Casual Wage Labourer,Regualr Salried Empoyee.JPG


Which Type of Employment is More Common?

In Rural Areas

Self Employed is Most Common (58%)

It is because majority of farmers own farms.

They work on their own farms and hence are self employed

Casual wage labour are Farm labourers

There are very less regular salaried job opportunities in villages


In Urban Areas

Regular Salaried Employee is Much higher

It is because enterprises in urban areas require workers on regular basis

Self Employed includes those running small business and shops

Construction labour comprises casual wage labour

Self Employed Casual Wage Labourer Regualr Salried Empoyee-Villags vs cities.JPG

Distribution of Employment in Villages of India.JPG

Distribution of Employment in Cities of India.JPG

Why less females work in Regular Salaried jobs as compared to Males?

Women in India get less education opportunities and are married at young age

Hence, they get less opportunity to get trained and receive skills which are required for regular salaried jobs

Distribution of Employment by Gender Self Employment Casual Wage Regualr Salaried.JPG

Distribution of Employment of Males Self Employment Casual Wage Regualr Salaried.JPG

Distribution of Employment of Females Self Employment Casual Wage Regualr Salaried.JPG

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  4. a tuition master
  5. transport operator
  6. construction worker.
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  1. rickshaw puller who works under a rickshaw owner
  2. mason
  3. mechanic shop worker
  4. shoeshine boy.
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