A child is standing in front of a magic mirror. She finds the image of her head bigger, the middle portion of her body of the same size and that of the legs smaller. The following is the order of

combinations for the magic mirror from the top.

(a) Plane, convex and concave

(b) Convex, concave and plane

(c) Concave, plane and convex

(d) Convex, plane and concave



Since the child is able to see her image inside the mirror , the images formed as virtual without doubt.

We know of three mirrors that can produce virtual images: 

  • Concave mirror
  • Convex mirror
  • Plane mirror



  • The image of her head is enlarged - Only a concave mirro r forms an enlarged virtual image when the object is between F and P.


  • The image of her body is of the same size - A plane mirror produces a virtual image of the same size..  
  • The image of her legs is diminished-  Such a virtual image is produced by a convex mirror , since it always produces virtual, erect and diminished images. 

A child is standing in front of a magic mirror.jpg

So, the correct answer is (c)

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