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Chapter 11 Class 10 - Human Eye and Colourful World

Get Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Notes, NCERT Solutions, Practice Questions of Chapter 11 Class 10 Science - Human Eye and the Colorful Word. 


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In this chapter, we will learn

  • Human Eye - Its Shape, Different Parts, How does it work

  • What is Power of accommodation?

  •  What is Cataract?

  • Why do we have two 2 eyes and not 1?

  • Defects of Vision - What is Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia

  • Difference between Myopia and Hypermetropia

  • What are bifocal lenses?

  • Refraction of light through a prism - What are Incident, Refracted, Emergent Rays

  • What is Angle of Deviation in a prism?

  • Dispersion of light by prism

  • How is a Rainbow formed?

  • What is Atmospheric Refraction?

  • Applications of Atmospheric Refraction - Twinkling of Stars, Stars appear higher than they actually are, Why does an object flicker over fire?

  • Advanced sunrise and Delayed sunset

  • What is Scattering of Light?

  • What is Tyndall Effect? - its Example

  • Why does the Sky appear blue?

  • Why does Sun appear Reddish at Sunrise and Sunset?

  • Real life Examples of Dispersion of Light

  • Donation of Eyes


In addition to this, we have also added Practice Questions which include

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • 2 Mark Questions
  • 5 Mark Questions


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