Myopia Hypermetropia
It is also called near-sightedness It is also called long-sightedness
In Myopia, we see nearby objects clearly but are not able to see far away objects clearly In Hypermetropia, we see far objects clearly but are not able to see nearby objects clearly
For people having Myopia, the image is formed in front of the Retina For people having Hypermetropia, the image is formed behind the Retina
It is caused due to excessive curvature of eye lens or elongation of eye ball. It is caused when eye ball is too short or when focal length of eye is too long
Myopia is corrected by using a Concave Lens of suitable power Hypermetropia is corrected by using a Convex Lens of suitable power
Example - A student who is not able to see the blackboard clearly is suffering from Myopia Example - An old person who is not able to read the letters of the newspaper is suffering from Hypermetropia


For more details, check Defects of Vision

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