What is Donation of Eyes

It is the act of donating or giving away one's eye afer death

These eyes help in

Providing vision to Corneally Blind People-The eyes are transplanted to blind people who have defect in cornea which help them to see

Eyes not suitable for donation are used for Medical Research


Who can donate eyes?

All persons belonging to any age group or sex can donate eyes

Those who have diabetes or those who wear spectacles can also donate eyes

Who cannot donate eyes?

Those patients which died because of AIDS, Rabies, Hepatitis B or C cannot donate eyes


What is Procedure followed for Eye Donation?

For Eye Donation:

  • Eyes can be donated 4-6 hours after death 
  • Eyes are removed at the hospital or at home of patient
  • Eye bank collects these eyes and checks and evaluates them
  • These are distributed to corneal blind people
  • Eyes not suitable for donation are used for Medical Research


Removal of Eyes do not cause any disfigurement of face

One pair of eyes can help upto 4 corneally blind people

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