The splitting up of white light into its 7 constituent colors is called Dispersion.

The seven colors are

  • V iolet
  • I ndigo
  • B lue
  • G reen
  • Y ellow
  • O range
  • R ed


In this post, we look at some examples of Dispersion of Light


Formation of Rainbow

We observed that after Rain, when Sunlight passes through the water droplets, we get a Rainbow

Rainbow right after rain.jpg

Dispersion of White Light in a prism

When White Light passes through a prism, it splits into 7 colors

Dispersion of White Light in Glass Prism - Real life example.png


Dispersion of light on a CD

On a Compact Disk, CD... we observe that Light disperses into 7 different colors

Dispersion of light in a Compact Disc - Teachoo.jpg


Dispersion due to Oil on Road

When there is Oil Spilled on Road, we can sometimes see the different colors of white light

Dispersion happening in oil on road - Teachoo.jpg

Dispersion in a Diamond

When light passes through a diamond, the light splits into different colors

Dispersion in a Diamond - Teachoo.jpeg


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