Constellation is a group of stars forming a recognizable shape or pattern.




Different Constellations in Galaxy

Major Constellations - Teachoo.jpg


Name Shape When can be seen No of Visible Stars Other Names
Ursa Major Big Ladle(Large Handled spoon with a cup shaped bowl), 
Question Mark
Visible in summers during the early part of night 7 Big Dipper,
Great Bear, Saptarshi
Orion Quadrilateral Visible in winters during late evening.Most beautiful constellation in the sky 8 Hunter
Cassiopea M or W Distorted Visible in winters during early part of night 5  
Leo Major Lion Visible in summers 9  


How to Identify Pole Star with the help of Ursa Major

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Which is the brightest star in solar system.How to identify it?

Brightest Star is Sirius

It can be identified with the help of Orion

Identify 3 stars in middle belt of Sirius

Join them and move towards east

It will lead us towards Sirius


Before locating the Sirus, we need to identify Orion

Orion is in the shape of a big dipper.

It has 8 major stars - 3 stars appear in the belt and five stars appear to be arranged in form of a quadrilateral

Finding Sirius from Orion - Step 1 - Finding Orion - Teachoo.jpg


Find 2 Stars at the end of the bowl of Ursa Major

Join a Line between them

Extend it towards North

This line will lead to a star which is not very bright. This star is the Pole Star.

Finding Sirius from Orion - Step 2 - Finding Sirius - Teachoo.jpg



NCERT Question 1 - Which of the following is NOT a member of the solar system?

(a) An asteroid

(b) A satellite

(c) A constellation

(d) A comet

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NCERT Question 4 (c) - A group of stars that appear to form a pattern in the sky is known as a ____________ .

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NCERT Question 5 (f) -  Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F):

Constellation Orion can be seen only with a telescope. ( )

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NCERT Question 7 - In which part of the sky can you find Venus if it is visible as an evening star?

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NCERT Question 9 - What is a constellation? Name any two constellations.

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NCERT Question 10 (a) - Draw sketches to show the relative positions of prominent stars in

Ursa Major and

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NCERT Question 10 (b) - Draw sketches to show the relative positions of prominent stars in

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NCERT Question 12 -  Explain how you can locate the Pole Star with the help of Ursa Major.

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