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Chapter 17 Class 8 - Stars and the Solar System

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In this chapter, we will learn

  • What are Celestial Bodies?

  • What is Astronomy
  • What is Solar System
  • What is Moon


    Different Phases of Moon

  • Surface of the Moon

  • What are Stars

  • Are Stars visible during Day Time?

  • Which star does not move and why?

  • Why stars appear to move from East to West

  • What is Light Year

  • How much time does it take for sun rays to reach the earth?

    What are Constellations


  • Different Constellations in the Galaxy

  • How to Identify Pole Star with the help of Ursa Major

  • How to identify Sirius with the help of Orion

  • What are the different Planets in our Solar System - their significance and number of moons

  • What are inner and outer planets of the Solar System?
  • What causes change in season of the earth
  • What is the difference between rotation and revolution?
  • What is an Orbit?
  • What is an Asteroid

  • What are Comets

  • The Orbit of a Comet

  • What are Meteoroids, Meteors and Meteorites

  • And the difference between them

  • What is a shooting star?

  • What is a Satetillite

  • What are Artificial Satellites

  • Difference between Natural and Artificial Satellites
  • Different uses of Artificial Satellites


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