Any natural body outside earth's atmosphere is called a celestial bodies


Stars, Planets, Moon, Asteroids, Moons etc. are Celestial Bodies


Let's look at some of them


What is astronomy?

Study of celestial objects and their associated phenomena is called astronomy




What is solar system?

Sun and all celestial bodies around it form the solar system

It includes

Sun + Planet + Satellites + Asteroids + Comets + Meteors

Note: It does not include Stars except the Sun

Solar System Consists of - Teachoo.jpg

In real life, the solar system looks like

Nasa Image of the Solar System.jpg


NCERT Question 5(a) - Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F):

(a) Pole Star is a member of the solar system. ( )

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NCERT Question 11 - Name two objects other than planets which are members of the solar system.

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