What are satellites

Celstial Bodies which revolve around planets are called satellites

They can be natural or manmade(artificial satellites)


Difference between Natural and Artificial Satellites

Natural Satellites Artificial Satellites
It is made by Nature It is made by humans
They are permanent They are temporary
They are not used for communication They are used for communication with the Earth
Example - Moon is the natural Satellite of the Earth Example - Aryabhata, INSAT, EDUSAT,Kalpana-1


What are different uses of Artificial Satellites?

  • They help in forecasting weather (telling what will be weather in future)
  • They help in broadcasting TV Radio Signals
  • They help in telecommunication (telephone internet)
  • They help in remote sensing .It means gathering information about a place from distance



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NCERT Question 5 (d) - Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F)

INSAT is an artificial satellite. ( )

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