Meteoroids → Meteors → Meteorites

Meteoroids become Meteors.

And if Meteors lands on Earth, It is known as meteorite

meteoroid -> meteor -> meteorite gif




Meteoroids is a small rock which floats in space



Meteors is a small object which enters earth's atmosphere at very high speed

Due to friction of atmosphere, it gets heated up

It glows and evaporates quickly


Why are Meteors called Shooting stars?

They cause bright streaks of light, they are actually not stars



If Meteors land on the surface of the earth, it is a meteorite


Difference between Meteorides, Meteors and Meteorites


Meteorides Meteors Meteorites
It does not glow It glows It does not glow
It does not fall on earth It does not fall on earth It actually falls on earth
It does not cause damage to earth It does not cause damage to earth as it does not reach earth It may cause damage and destruction on earth and loss of life and property


What are meteor shower

When earth passes the tail of the comet a large number of meteors are seen

These are known as Meteor shower

Meteor Shower.jpg




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