What are asteroids?

Small rocky bodies orbiting the sun

They are like minor planets

Asteroids are large number of small objects

They revolve around the sun

Asteroids can only be seen through large telescopes.


Large number of asteroids are found between Mars and Jupiter

Asteroid belt.jpg


What are comets?

Comets also revolve around sun

They have highly elliptical orbit

They take number of years to complete one revolution

Example - Halley's comet, which appears after every 76 years

Comets Orbit.jpg


They have a bright head with a long tail

Size of tail increase as it approaches sun

Tail is always pointing away from sun

Tail of Comet.jpeg

Tail of Comet GIF

Orbit of a comet GIF



NCERT Question 4 (f) - Asteroids are found between the orbits of _________ and _________ .

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NCERT Question 11 - Name two objects other than planets which are members of the solar system.

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