What is speed of Sound?

It is 344 meter per second at 22 degree celsius in air


Is speed of sound constant?


It changes according to

  • Medium it travels (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity of air


How does speed of sound depend upon medium

We know that sound requires a medium to travel (like solid, liquid, gas)

It travels fastest in solids, slower in liquids and slowest in air (gas)


Speed of Sound
Air 346 m/s
Water 1531 m/s
iron 5950 m/s


How does speed of sound depend upon temperature?

If we increase temperature,speed of sound increases

If we decrease the temperature, speed of sound decreases

Air Temperature
Speed of Sound
0 degree 331 m/s
15 degree 340 m/s
20 degree 343 m/s
25 degree 346 m/s


How does speed of sound depend upon humidity

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air

More the humidity, more is the speed of sound

Sound travels faster at 100% humidity (very moist air) as compared to 0% humidity (completely dry air)


How to Measure Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound Wave = Wavelength*Frequency


We know that

Formula for Speed of Sound.jpg



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