How are we able to hear?

We are able to hear because our body has an extremely sensitive device called ear


How does ear function?

Ear has 3 parts-outer Ear, Middle Ear and Inner Ear

Outer ear receives sound vibrations

Middle ear amplifies these sound vibrations

The inner ear converts sound into electric signals

These electric signals are sent to brain

Brain interprets these signals as sound


What are different parts of ear and their functions


Outer ear

It is called pinna

It collects sound from different surroundings


Auditory Canal (Ear Canal)

It transports collected sound of Outer ear to Ear drum



It is a thin membrane (skin)

It collects compressions and rarefactions of sound

Compressions make eardrum move inward

Rarefactions make eardrum move outward


Ear bones

There are 3 ear bones - Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup

They amplify sound vibrations (increase its volume)

They also transmit sound to inner ear


Inner ear (Cochlea)

The cochlea is part of inner ear

It converts sound vibrations into electrical signals


Auditory Nerve

They transport electric signals to brain

Brain interprets these signals as sound



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