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Chapter 12 Class 9 - Sound

Get NCERT Solutions and Notes for Chapter 12 Class 9 Sound. At Teachoo, we provide you concepts of the chapter, and the related questions of it at the bottom. The related questions are from NCERT Back Exercise, Questions from inside the book, Examples from inside the book, extra questions which we have made for your practice.


In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is Sound?

  • How is sound produced?

  • Important Points about Sound

  • Waves

  • Longitudinal and Transverse Waves

  • Compressions and Rarefactions in Sound Wave


  • Characteristics of Sound Wave

  • Speed of Sound

  • Wavelength of Sound Waves

  • Loudness, Intensity, Pitch and Quality of Sound

  • Reflection of Sound

  • Echo

  • Reverberation of Sound

  • Range of Hearing, Ultrasound and Infrasound

  • Different Applications of Ultrasound

  • Structure and Function of Human Ear


In adddition to these concepts, we have NCERT Questions, Examples and Questions from inside the book solved for you.


And, Teachoo team also made some extra question for your practice and revision, like

  • What is the difference between tone and note?

  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • 1 Mark Questions

  • Difference between longitudinal and transverse waves

  • How does a hearing aid work?

  • What is a Sonic Boom?


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