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Example 13 - Do the divisions (i) -20x^4 Γ· 10x^2 (ii) 7x^2y^2z^2 14xyz


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Example 13 Do the following divisions. (i) –20π‘₯^4 Γ· 10π‘₯^2 –20π‘₯^4 Γ· 10π‘₯^2 = ( βˆ’ 20π‘₯^4)/(10π‘₯^2 ) = ( βˆ’ 20)/10 Γ— π‘₯^4/π‘₯^2 = βˆ’2 Γ— π‘₯^4/π‘₯^2 = βˆ’2 Γ— π‘₯^(4 βˆ’2) = βˆ’2𝒙^𝟐 (( π‘Ž^π‘š)/π‘Ž^𝑛 " = " π‘Ž^(π‘š βˆ’π‘›) " " )

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