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  • India is a vast country with varied land forms. It practically has all major physical features of the earth ; i.e mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus and islands.
  • Land of India displays great physical variation.
  • Geologically, Peninsular plateau constitutes one of the most ancient landmasses on earth’s surface.
  • Himalayas and northern plains are the most recent landforms.
  • Himalayan mountains form an unstable zone, it represents a very youthful topography with high peaks, deep valleys and fast flowing rivers.
  • Northern plains are formed of alluvial deposits.
  • Peninsular plateau is composed of igneous and metamorphic rocks with gently rising hills and wide valleys.


Physical features of india can be grouped under :

  • Himalayan Mountains
  • Northern Plains
  • Peninsular Plateau
  • Indian Desert
  • Coastal Plains
  • Islands

Physical features of india - Teachoo.png


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