Chapter 2 Class 9 Geography - Physical Features of India

What are coral polyps and how do they form reefs?


The Great Barrier Reef  - Teachoo.png

        Atoll Reef  - Teachoo.png
      Fringing Reef  - Teachoo.png

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  • Coral polyps are short-lived microscopic organisms that live in colonies and secrete calcium carbonate.  
  • They form reefs by depositing their secretion and skeletons in the form of three kinds of reefs: barrier reefs, fringing reefs, and atolls.
  • The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is a good example of the barrier reefs.
  • Atolls are circular or horse shoe-shaped coral reefs. 
  • Coral reefs act as natural barriers that protect coastlines from storms, waves, and erosion.
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